[Colloque] After Post-Photography 4 (Saint-Petersbourg, 16-18 mai)


Сultural, historical and visual studies in photography

European University in St.-Petersburg

academic program: 16-18 May
side program: 15-24 May

European University in St.-Petersburg
(6/1a, Gagarinskaya street).
Admission is free. For further information please check the program at our website https://appconference.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 17.00 — 20.00

Keynote 1: David Bate (Westminster University/UK): The Optics of Data Flow
Keynote 2: TBA

Thursday, 17 May 2018, 9.30 — 18.00

Keynote: Galina Orlova (European Humanitarian University/Southern Federal University):
Anonymous Photoarchive, Digitization, Recycling

Panel 1: Materiality as photography’s past (photography in historical perspective)

Michelle Henning (University of West London/United Kingdom):
‘The Power Behind the Lens’: Photochemistry and the Transformation of Sensory Experience in the Case of Ilford Ltd.

Stefanie Klamm (Staatliche Museen Berlin/Germany):
Photo-Objects: The Materiality of Photographs and Photographic Archives and Their Role in the Production of Knowledge

Daria Panaiotti (European University St. Petersburg/Russia):
“On the Improvement of the Administration of Photography in the USSR”. Towards the Institutional History of Soviet Photography.

Inessa Kouteinikova (ARTIKA/Netherlands):
Photographer of Natural history, World and Herself

Panel 2: Digital/Data/Technology as Photography’s Present

Birk Weiberg (Zurich University of the Arts/Switzerland):
Computational Photography as a Material-Discursive Practice

Kris Belden-Adams (University of Mississippi):
‘The Earth as It Never Appeared’: N.A.S.A.’s Whole-Earth Photographs as ‘Photographic’ Digital Synthesis

Christian Schulz (Braunschweig University of Art):
Mobile Photo Filters — a Digital Processed Layer on (Nearly) Everything

Rowan Lear (University of West London):
The Body Behind the Camera: Photographing as a Gesture of Computation

Friday, 18 May 2018, 10.00 — 18.30

Keynote: Andres Zervigon (Rutgers University, NJ,USA):
The Photographic Lens: Fully Visible and Transparent

Panel 3: Photographic Strategies: New Perspectives

Denis Skopin (St.-Petersburg State University):
Martin Heidegger’s Aesthetics and Photography

Natalija Arlauskaite (Vilnius University/Lithuania):
Index in Thickness: Photographic Image in Animated Film

Juliane Wenzl (Braunschweig University of Art):
More Than One Decisive Moment. Multi-perspective Moments and Movements in Composite Photographs

Sebastian Haller (Independent Researcher/Austria):
Renaissance of Reality? A Discourse Analysis of Augmented Reality (AR) in the Discourses of Technology, Journalism, and the Humanities

Panel 4: Photography as Production or Creation (or both)

Virginia McBride (Rutgers University/USA):
The Snapchat Monteur? New Parameters for Photomontage

Vivian Sheng (The University of Hong Kong):
Nikki Lee’s Projects of Multiple Selves: Performing Identities and Group Memberships

Olga Davydova (St.-Petersburg University):
Photo-Book as a Form of Photography Production and Existence

Keynote: Winfried Gerling (University of Applied Science, Potsdam/Germany) and Sebastian Moering (University of Potsdam/Germany):
The Detachment of the Image:On the History, Ontology, Aesthetics, and Practice of Screenshots and In-game Photographs

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