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  1. S’il vous plait–dans Anglaise–From Colorado USA–In 1989/90 I attended the Arles Foto Festival, and by chance Monsieur Claude Lemagny took time to review my portfolio–an inspiring moment in my life, un moment extraodinaire. Over the course of the interview, I learned that he either lived, came from, a petite village in Alsace or his immediate family lived in Alsace.

    I am first generation American from Alsacian parents, and I happen to be visiting my remaining family in Alsace at the time I attended the Foto Fete in Arles (un petite village dans les routes de vin–Andlou/Barr). I was not able to visit him or his immediate family in Alsace at the time I was in France as I did not get that information at the time he was reviewing my portfolio.

    I would like to have correspondence with Monsieur Lemagny, and if he does reside in Alsace or has family in Alsace, I certainly would like to visit him or his family as I have a photography of Monsiur Lemagny I would like to pass on to him/family taken at the time he was involved critiquing portfolios in Arles. If he does reside or have family in Alsace, that would be a most unique opportunity for a visitation as I still visit my family in Alsace now & then.

    Would you provide his home address or perhaps forward this email to him as I would like to present him with my photography of him at Arles, 1989/90

    Merci, a tute a l’heure et Hopla!

    Raymond A. Bleesz
    Histographer/fine art photographer
    Edwards, Co (in the Vail Valley)

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